Funding reactions

Tuesday, we received a ton of media respons on the funding announcement. For example in Techcrunch, Paidcontent and Dow Jones VC Wire as well as a lot of local media in DK, NL, BE and IE. Almost across the board the journalists has been kind and very positive. They do see, that this is a very interesting field, and that Just-Eat is the international leader of the category. There has also been a lot of other positive responses from partners, friends, other VC's that were involved in the process, etc. And then of course the usual wave of potential suppliers (recruitment agencies, IT consultants, etc.) that smells gold. One of the more odd reactions was from a Danish entrepreneur, who said on Twitter that he in June 2008 was only 5 minutes from investing $10 Mio. in Just-Eat instead of the newspaper project that bankrupted him. Well, we did talk to him, but 1) it was not in June, but July-August where he already had spend all his money, 2) only about $3 Mio., 3) we were very-very far away from any kind of deal (we had 2 informal meetings). And in mid-August 2008 I did call off all investor discussions we had, because I realised we were not ready to present our company for tier 1 investors, which were the real target of our investor search. But it is the usual story: when you have a success, everyone and their aunt wants to be associated with you one way or the other. But, all the positive response only helps on the motivation to drive our company forward. Thank you for all the kind works the last week.

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  1. Senem Toksöz Gençer

    Interesting business… wondering if it ever comes down here in Turkey where food is the only sector which grew up during the global crisis. I am also doing online sales (solar energy sector) and I can tell that the internet sales grew by %200 within the last 2 years. Have similiar sites too in Turkey, but such an international “brand” may be a hit. Turks love foreign brands and Turks love eating 🙂

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