Football with the UK sales team

Tuesday, I had the joy of spending most of a day together with the UK Sales team. It is 25 energetic guys with a desire to make a difference! We met at Villa Park in Birmingham, which is a venue I can highly recommend (I am not a Villa fan, but there is a great atmosphere on that stadion). As can be seen on the picture, we also took time to have a look around the stadium. April 2010 004Holten End   After a day of pep-talks, incentive systems and admin procedures we all went to play some football. That meant, that 25 Just-Eat cars took over the car park ... April 2010 005 JE Car Park   ... while we showed our great football talents in a few rounds of 5-a-side. Unfortunately the UK Sales Director had designed the team, so his team had a couple of ex-proff players, which made it a bit tough for the rest of us. But, hey it was fun, and it is not all about winning ... grrr.

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