Finally: Just-Eat arrives in Italy, the land of the Pizza

Just-Eat offers all kinds of cuisines via the more than 17,000 restaurant partners we have in our network, but all in all the biggest menu of course is Pizza! The cuisine mix varies quite a lot from country to country due to underlying differences in food culture, but we can not escape the fact that pizza is the no. 1 volume item if we add the whole thing up. So, for a company like us we should put a bit of pride into serving hungry surfers in Italy, the mother country of the pizza - shouldn't we? Well now we are the leaders in Italy. Last month we acquired which is the leading Italian portal for online takeaway ordering. was launched in 2007 by two Italian entrepreneurs (Antonino Guarnaccia and Ivan Molella) who has done a good job at introducing this new form of food ordering. Now it is up to us to scale the business so all consumers and restaurants in Italy can enjoy the benefits of takeaway ordering the smart way. Thanks to Anonino and Ivan for trusting Just-Eat to grow their baby to the next phase, we will take care of the company for many years to come. And if you want to join the Milan based team within Sales, Marketing or Operations let us know!

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