Exec Team Seminar June 2012

Once in a while the JUST EAT Exec Team (aka "ET") goes off-site a couple of days to have enough peace and trancquility to reflect on where we are as a company. This week we met up in a summerhouse North of Copenhagen. Before we went to the summer house we had time to stop by at Rasmus' house so the UK based guys could see how we live over here in Welfare Denmark - the picture documents it is all nice and relaxing. ETseminarJune2012 Afterwards we did a bit of slot racing, since we always need some competition to keep the team building going. As usual we were all accusing each other of cheating, but victory in the end was just and fair -;) Many things were on the agenda, but that is obviously a bit difficult to publish here, so instead you get a picture of the view form the summerhouse. ETseminarSummerhouseJune2012

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