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In Just-Eat we launched an offensive in the autumn of 2008. We could see, that we had a great concept, a scalable platform, good team and even though there is competition in both the UK and most other European markets, in only a couple of countries has the market for online takeaway market places been cemented by someone else. So, we needed to become more ambitious to realise our full potential. A lot of stuff is happening - I will get back to that on this blog shortly - but one of the areas, where we are now gearing up is within BtC marketing. We have already quadrupled our monthly spend in the UK, in DK we are one of the top tv-sponsors for the Danish Premier League in football, in Holland we are in the middle of an outdoor campaign with thousands of posters all over the country, etc. But by heart, everybody in the company on the marketing side are "online guys", so we focus on PPC, SEO (when our new web site is fully implemented because the current one is horrible for SEO), viral, etc., and if you want to build a brand you probably also need to do some of the "other stuff" (except if you are Google, Facebook or Twitter).

There are definitely viral effects in our business (tell-a-friend is an important channel for us), but if we really want to accelerate aggressively, and "own" the UK market, then it is not enough. We probably need to go on TV in a major way. And therefore, we need a very senior marketeer to guide us through that process. He/she will be overall responsible for our marketing efforts, but importantly the person should add a lot of experience and knowledge to the areas where we are not so strong today: brand building, running big integrated campaigns, TV/press, synergy effects of mixing various channels, etc. And the person should of course still understand the digital space, where we are already fairly savvy.

So, if that is something for you, then check out this ad at Monster - or send me an email.

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