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Just-Eat was not the first to invent online takeaway ordering. When Christian Frismodt got the idea back in 1998 it was definitely early days, but the concept had been described in a number of publications, and the first websites had already been launched. What makes Just-Eat a success is not that we were first, but that we are better. Part of being better is related to visible stuff, e.g. we are pretty good at assuring a good choice of restaurants to our customers. But other elements of the receipe are less visible, and one of those elements is customer care ("CC"). It is not rocket science that CC is important, but to have the culture, systems and focus to make it work while still getting a business out of it with our margins is much more difficult (we after all only get a small percentage of the total order value, but customers often see us as the key reference point if something goes wrong). Customer care is an integrated part of our perspective of what makes a success. It is much more difficult than it sounds, but also very important for long term loyalty. When I started, I sat in CC one evening both in DK and UK, and that was a very insightful process for me. I learned the systems and the issues we typically encounter ("where is my food?" from customers, "we have run out of ham" from restaurants, credit card fraud checks, etc.), but since then I have only listened in, and not sat for several hours in a row getting into the drill. This is a clear mistake on my part, and against what I promised my self when I started. My only - and not terrible good excuse - is that I have been busy do some other stuff! Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to get back in the race, because UK CC was out on a team dinner, so they had asked everybody else to join in to help while they were enjoying them selves. I sat together with Sami (nice picture below, he surely hates me for publishing that), he has changed role, so he is no longer CC team leader, but he knows the drill from when he was in the line of fire and he also volunteered for the evening. October 2010 033 It is not an easy job, but Sami and the other guys really impress me. Be cool, positive and constructive when a hungry customer doesn't get her food in time, because a restaurant has been too optimistic with the delivery time. Be cool, positive and constructive when a customer has given the wrong address to the restaurant. Be analytical, fast and know your systems when spotting credit card fraudsters. It is not a very glamorous job, but it is essential and it shows over time if a company doesn't do it well. We try to make customers and restaurateurs happy, and CC is fronting that vision when things go wrong.

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  1. Debbie

    Hi I love this blog no blame to anyone just do your best for your team and the customer.

    I’m the head of CS for around 30,000 mmebers of an oline site and it’s not glamorous, but it is rewarding

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