About time for me and the family to get some holiday. We really need it, it's been a tough year. So we decided to go South, not to the Mediterranean, but to Southwest England, i.e. Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset. It is really cosy and interesting down here. The weather is not great (but we sort of knew that, what is to be expected from a British summer), but the places and things you can do here is absolutely worth a visit. For example, I have almost fallen in love with St Michael's Mount - took this slightly blurred picture with my Blackberry (I also took a dip here, even though the official water temperature said 13c). MountMichaelJuly09 One of the attractions down here is of course, that it is quite far away from the normal busy-busy rat race of London and other urbanised ant nests. But I still think, the people here could improve their quality of life with a bit of Just-Eat service -;) The day we cover Penzance and Launceston, then Just-Eat is truly national in the UK.

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