You just got a great investor on board and had the bank account filled up - what do you do? Celebrate of course! So, that is what we did Tuesday. Some people would say, "hey, who cares - the money will make the owners (and potentially option holders to some extent) rich, why is that worth celebrating"? Because, it is great to be on the growth side of the economy with a healthy financial situation. It always gives more opportunities to the smart and hard working. So, yes - this is absolutely a good thing for the owers, but us, the employees will also see the benefit here. Now, we can do all the stuff we think is necessary, and we can do it in a proper way. That is definitely worth celebrating. And so we did, all over the place. Below is a quick snapshopt of some of the events Nico & Steve in Belgium laughing of one of Matthieus (many) bad jokes. BelgiumCelebration13July2009 The Irish pizza team. Don't know what happens to Dave, he seems to be tilting. irish-team113July The big guys arrive in UK North ... UKsales13July  ... and went for the burger ... LunchSalesUK13July  ... and a pint, of course. NorthSalesCeleb13July  Cheers! UKNorthSales13July  At UK South (together with the Helicopter Team), the food was excellent - pizza being of course the main dish.     Momen seems to be surprised by the papparazzi photographer with that smile, Irfan must be selling something to Momen, and not the other way round). MomenIrfanJuly132009          Some of the tikka-tik helicopter guys discussing what-ever. Mike does not look pleased (almost grumpy actually), Rasmus probably said "budget" instead of "forecast". UKmgmgtCelebration13July Others are much more sensible, and just seem to enjoy them selves. UK13July   The Dutch guys, always being more sophisticated, of course shot a video instead. But I can't make the video work here (and Rune is not around to help), so you will have to do with the filename ... NL 13 July 2009 Celebration From a couple of countries I did not receive pictures, but for Denmark, I only have to show one picture - and that will of course be of the King him self. mini-JUST EAT 06 TCKP[1]Morten Thank you everybody!

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