What is our service without card payment?

Argh, I have just come out of my worst illness period ever (4 days of 40 degree fever before I finally admitted I had to see a Doctor who instantly ordered me antibiotics - apparently it is not healthy to cough blood), and then today the Payment Service Provider, that powers card processing in most of the Just-Eat countries blow up their system! They had to do a major revamp of their systems, but it failed, and even worse; when they rolled the deployment back it also failed! How can that happen for a PSP, which is an important infrastructure company for 10.000 companies in Northern Europe? Well, I guess we need to look at whether we have the right supplier, or we at least need to have a fail-over system our selves. Of course, our takeaway customers can always just choose to pay by cash (which many often does anyway), but it is for many a key selling argument for our service, that we help to get rid of the cash issue. It is so much more convenient. We have lost many thousand orders today due to this problem. Really-really irritating. It should simply not be possible to experience such a major break-down that lasts almost a whole day. No names mentioned ...

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