Break a hand, keep calm and move on

A quick follow up on the last post on playing football with the UK sales team: one of my team mates, the goalkeeper, actually broke his hand! The story is, that in the second match, his hand was hit by a ball in such a way, that it twisted. He was obviously in pain, and I told him not to be a wimp and keep on playing, because we had to win the tournament. Being a Just-Eat'er he of course battled on for another two matches. The same evening he drove home in the car, but the pain just increased. Next morning he went to the see the Doctor, who instantly could declare one of the bones in the hand to be broken. Here is a transcript of his conversation with the Doctor:
  • The Doctor: "how did this happen?"
  • Andy: "I played football".
  • Doctor: "But you stopped playing football immediately, right?"
  • Andy: "No, I played another two games".
  • Doctor: " Uh, that is not good. But then you came here straight after, right?"
  • Andy: "No, it happened yesterday".
  • Doctor: "!But did it get rest then, after football?"
  • Andy: "No, I had to drive car for a few hours"
  • Doctor - horrified!
I am of course slightly embarrassed of calling him a wimp, but the story shows what a true Just-Eat'er is - what ever it takes. Even though in this situation, a bit of compassion and smartness probably would not have harmed the outcome.

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