Board seminar June 2010

We have board meetings 4-5 times a year. It is pretty standard sessions lasting 3-4 hours where most of the Exec Team at some point participate and discuss various issues with the the two key owners of Just-Eat, Index Ventures and SM Trust. But then once a year, we have a full day board seminar. And for this year it happened yesterday here in London. It was a good day, and a great evening. I can of course not publish all the interesting stuff we discussed, but hey, we rock - at least some of the time! In the evening most of us went for dinner at this posh place crowded with media and marketing types (sorry Mat, you weren't there), so we easily fitted in (sorry David, you were there). Honestly, I might have preferred to go somewhere else and order some nice takeaway, but it is of course always a learning experience to see parts of the world that you don't naturally visit. Here is a picture of a large table with some of the participants enjoying Stella (they didn't even have Carlsberg) and some nicely squeezed grape. June2-2010 017

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