Belgium launch

We have now launched softly in Belgium, but within a few days we should be up and running in the real Just-Eat way. Matthieu, our country manager, is a really kick-ass and online savvy guy that will help us turn this into a great succes. The Belgium market is still far from being well penetrated by takeaway restaurants doing delivery, but it is coming, and we want to share the fun as early as possible. The whole team that worked with the launch has done a great job - congratulations to them. A while ago, it went the other way with our Icelandic operations. It was not our company, but a franchise Just-Eat many years ago gave to a local Icelander in order for Just-Eat to get some international experience. I am not sure, I would have spend time on the Icelandic market if I had been around back then (tiny country), but the economic crisis made it even more irrelevant for us to be there, and our Icelandic partner finally gave up, so now Just-Eat is now longer present in the North Atlantic. And we can on our side focus on countries with many more hungry takeaway customers to make happy. One country down, and one country up again. And more coming later in 2009.

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