BBQ vs. takeaway

I am of course a big fan of takeaway, and after having moved to London where the choice of cuisine is excellent, I have also build a bit of a passion for good takeaway. Healthy but still yummy sushi, a nice hawaiian pizza with just the right amount of pineapple, butter chicken with sweet taste etc. - all great treats when you want some nice food without too much hassle. Many people have it like this, but throughout the last month many people have also felt it was a bit too warm for takeaway, so they have opted for BBQ instead. Oh horror - not good for Just-Eat. We have seen our growth flat line in many countries the last several weeks, and that is stressful for a company that is used to 20% growth rates (pr month!). But a good BBQ with some nice folks is of course also a treat, so let us not get too excited about millions of regular takeaway users turning to their Weber grill these hot summer days (grrr ...). I went to a nice BBQ my self yesterday together with the family. Me and a handful of my colleagues met to socialise and listen to the kids destroying a bouncing castle, all very relaxing. Here is a picture of the BBQ before the kids went on a rampage.  July 2010 017

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