Barcelona World Meeting September 2010

I came home this weekend from the September World Meeting, and this time it was in Barcelona. Brilliant city, so a good pick, also because we will very soon go live there. As usual, the event was great with a mix of professional program and fun. We had one hiccup though, since we had planned to go sailing, but that event turned out to be different than expected. Basically, the idea was to sail on a big catamaran up the coast, anchor at a nice place, swim to the shore, enjoy the sun & sea and have a picnic. All very groovy mediterranean style, however the weather was not sunny. It was actually windy with 3-4 meter waves. I am an old sailor,so that is all fun, but not everybody in the team had the same perspective. 10 minutes after we left the harbour half the 40 people were suffering severely with many sending out very distinct sounds while starring into the sea. We returned. Not very pleasant for many of my colleagues, but a good team building excersice -;) The key thing with our World Meetings is to socialize, i.e. get to know each other, understand the context of the wider company etc. But the professional program is also important, especially all the specialist sessions we do. Below is a picture of the Sales Functional Group, which incl. the Country Sales Managers/Directors as well as a few hang-arounds. The finger in the air has become standard procedure for us when we do group pictures, it is chavy, but it works for us(!). BarcaSalesSept2010 Below the finger is again showing it's force, but this time at Gaudi Park. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but that's when you get when you are taking pictures with old technology (Blackberry, David!). GaudiParkBarcaSept2010 Great event, next time is London in January.

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