An award from back home

The internet industry has over the last 10 years been littered with awards for this and that. When we don't win awards we think they are just silly, when we win we think it is absolutely deserved -;) Yesterday Just-Eat won the Danish e-commerce award in the category "cross-border", i.e. the internet company with Danish roots that has made the most impressive internationalisation. Winning a Danish award is not what is going to make our company a world beater, but it is of course nice to get a bit of credit from the mother country, and then this picture is just awesome - I think they had a bit of a party afterwards! FDIHawards2011

One thought on “An award from back home

  1. Cristiano de Almeida

    Hi Klaus,

    It is good to feel something like “We have done a great job” on all those faces.
    Internet will be always an almost unpredictable industry but also a beautiful and infinity garden.

    Hope to see the same here in Brazil.



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