All those that came before us

Last weekend I went to the Science Museum in London with my family. I love that museum, and I have love it ever since I visited first time more than 30 years ago. This time I noticed something I hadn't noticed before: the Pegasus computer from 1959. Take a look at it here: Maj 2010 027   And then check the performance of this creature: Maj 2010 028   I am not really the first to pinpoint the fantastic evolution in computer power over the last two generations (Moore's Law and all that),  but it is still fascinating to think about when confronted with some of the basic stats. This monster of a machine, that cost so much money (£45t 50 years ago was a lot of money) had no chance of outperforming my first Palm (from 1997), and the performance compared to today's standard PC's is without meaning. It is like comparing fungi with humans - or Liechtensteins football team with Brazil. So, just a small thank from me to all of those hard working, smart and creative people that has made a business like Just-Eat possible by assuring ever stronger number crunchers. Well done, keep up the good work.

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