Just-Eat goes samba – BIG TIME: welcome to Restauranteweb

Posted by: Klaus Nyengaard on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

At Just-Eat we are today very happy to announce something we have worked on for a very long time – something that will also reveal who the two guys are on that picture I posted the other day when I wrote about Just-Eat in Brazil. We are partnering with the two entrepreneurs, Marco Corradini and Luiz Jares, who since 2004 has build Restauranteweb.com.br into the clear leader in the online takeaway market in Brazil. So here they are, the two guys that were censored out on the last picture on this blog:


This is pretty big news for all of us. Our investment into Brazil over the next couple of years will be one of the biggest investment so far in the history of Just-Eat, and with Restauranteweb as the foundation it will be full speed ahead. There are already 25-30 guys in the mainly Sao Paolo based team, and I am sure there will be plenty of challenges in the coming years, but that is the best part of it.

Just-Eat will operate under the Restauranteweb brand. If you have a look at the website, then we have changed the look and feel of the logo, so it is more aligned with Just-Eat’s logo, but Restauranteweb is the brand we will build in Brazil.

Thanks to all that made this partnership possible, e.g. Luiz, Marco, Rasmus, Camron, Aldo, Adolfo, Giorgio, Jeff plus plenty more. Paperwork is done, now focus on execution.

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