Monthly Archives: December 2009

Megaphone! And a fun and positive attitude to life

Friday night, we had Christmas Party for UK, UK-Tech and HQ. We were 65 people that went to Oxford and had dinner on a boat (that never left the quay), and then suddenly Santa Claus came by with a lot of presents. That was very handy, and it added to the party atmosphere, where “spirits” were already very high. Santa looked a lot like our CFO by the way.

My dear colleagues made sure, that Santa had the present just for me; a megaphone! Now, what does that tell me? Maybe they indicate that I speak loud and like to tell other people what to do … nah, can’t be that. I am sure they just wanted to give me a present that is practical, when I am trying to discipline my kids.

Next week it is DK, NO and DK-Tech that celebrate the coming Christmas with a proper party in Aarhus, and the other countries also have their parties throughout December. A Christmas party is an important social event in any company, and much more telling about the internal dynamics than people realise. I think the party’s in Just-Eat are always good, because we have so many young people, and so many with a good, fun attitude to life, but it still makes a difference whether the planning has been taken care of or not. In our case, especially our dear CFO, Mike, and his energetic assistant, Sumaya, has done a fantastic job. Big applause to them. And what does it say about our company, that it is Finance & Accounting that acts as social committee and do a great job? That we do prefer to hire people with a positive and fun attitude to life, no matter what positions we are talking about.

TV ad’s, wow, that is expensive – but not useless

We have now ended our TV test in Northern England, where we tried to push our message of online ordering of takeaway. We are starting to analyse the data, and it has been expensive! Not only does it cost and insane amount of money to buy TV-slots on X-factor, but it also costs a lot of money to pay ad agencies, animation studios, etc. all their fees. But they earned their money – I think.

Looking at the estimated CPA for such a TV-campaign (and the estimation is part science, part art) is not going to make you in a good mood. We are used to looking at our PPC account and fine tune the various campaigns, so they can go for example from £5.1 to £4.5 in CPA, but here we are talking about a completely different level of numbers. Are we satisfied with, say a CPA of £50? Or £75? Or do we have to raise it even further! Wow, that is not the kind of CPA’s I am used to.

So, I guess that we are then closing the experiment for now … NO, WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT! This is a long term game. Not only are there other areas, where TV effect our business in a positive way, but we also believe this is a long term game, so we will continue to improve the TV campaigns, and we will eventually see the money flow back as the brand equity is being build. How that is estimated, and how it effects is a still to be figured out exactly for the time being, but bottom line is, we will continue with TV, because we are convinced it is a long term investment, that eventually will pay off. We are here to build a lasting company, not only a one-day wonder. And the takeaway industry is partly dominated by big chains, that have build big franchises via TV advertisements, so TV will also be a part of our marketing mix in the future.